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Dilofo village in central Zagori

Picturesque Dilofo village in central Zagori area. View more

Dilofo is one of the most beautiful and best preserved villages in Zagorochoria area.

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Access to Dilofo.

It is located just 32 kilometers north of Ioannina and belongs to central Zagori area. Access to the village is particularly easy enough since all you have to do is to pay attention on the signs that will lead you there. In Dilofo village no cars are allowed to enter through the village and this is one of the main reasons that has helped significantly to maintain the traditional character and original Zagori identity that distinguishes it among the most beautiful villages in the whole area of Zagorochoria. Click on Dilofo map red sign to get access details.

Dilofo is built on two wooded hills, hence the name (two hills), at an altitude of 880 meters. By 1920 its name was the Sopetseli, which in Slav means the land of many waters. It has a long history since as a settlement dates from 540 AD while in the 15th century it consisted of 5 districts. These gradually joined and gave its present form and location of the village in the late 18th century.

Dilofo is one of the most beautiful Zagorochoria village. View more

Since then not many things have changed the particular village’s look. The decleration of Dilofo as a traditional and preservable settlement has enhanced its fadeless character and the only permitted activities and works are the restoration and reconstruction of old buildings. Thus, in Dilofo visitors have the opportunity to admire the Zagori area architecture by walking in beautiful and well maintained paved roads. These can lead to the top of a hill with spectacular views of the settlement itself and the beautiful nature around the slopes (autumn, spring and summer the best times for bright colors) and the imposing forms and Tymfi and Mitsikeli mountains.

Dilofo village square

Another trail, near the entrance of the village at the bottom right will bring you to the paved central square and the imposing tree, beneath which, weather permitting of course, you will have the opportunity to sit and drink coffee or eat at the tavern “The Sopotseli”, operating since 1901!

Dilofo attractions.

If you visit Dilofo take a closer look at the magnificent church of the Assumption, built in 1850. Moreover you may view the highest mansion in Zagoria, at Dilofo’s entrance, the Makropoulos mansion with a height of 13.5 meters! The reason of building such a tall house compared to the lowered areas building standards is, according to tradition, love. In detail, the son of a wealthy Zagorian married a girl from the neighbouring village of Koukouli. Once settled in the groom’s house in Dilofo, she expressed nostalgia for her village. So, in order to keep her pleased but also “close” to their house, her husband built the towering mansion for his wife to be able to view her village from the higher floors!

Photos from Dilofo village

Area map

Click on map’s red mark to get access directions to Dilofo village in central Zagori.

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