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Παραλίες Καρύστου

At the southern tip of Evia you will find some of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Most of the beaches in the wider area of ​​Karystos are not organized and are an ideal solution for a relatively short excursion to still untouched beautiful seas and sandy beaches.
Specifically, we can divide the area of ​​Karystos Bay and its beaches into three parts.


Those that are in or next to the city of Karystos, those that are to the west and the area of ​​Paximada and those that are on the east side to the area of ​​Bouros at the southern end to the cape of Kafireas or otherwise known as Cape Doro.

Φωτογραφίες από τις παραλίες Καρύστου | Χάρτης Περιοχής | Διαμονή / Ξενοδοχεία | Πρόσβαση στη νότια Εύβοια

Beaches in Karystos

Η μεγάλη παραλία της Καρύστου

In the city of Karystos you will find on its right as you look at the sea and after you have reached the coastal road the long beach with a length of just over one and a half kilometers. At the beginning it is relatively organized with umbrellas and beach cafes and taverns, some of which belong to the hotels located on the coastal road. Most of it, however, is not organized.

On the other side of the city you will find Kochili beach (from the homonymous beach bar located there, we have reservations about the official name) which is located approximately between two relatively large hotels in Karystos. In front of the beach bar and a hotel there are sunbeds and umbrellas but you can also sit on the right side of the beach which is for those who do not want to order or pay for anything (we do not know if the sunbeds are charged or you just pay only what you order.)

Beaches in Karystos – Paximada area

Μία από τις πολλές παραλίες της Καρύστου στη περιοχή της Παξιμάδας

To reach the beaches of Paximada follow the coastal road of Karystos until the end of the big beach on the right of the city. There the road turns right and immediately left, you cross a very small bridge and continue next to and above the sea. You will find the first beach but it would be good to continue driving and get to the point where the road goes uphill and the many branches begin. As you will see the road network is unexpectedly good, signposted and extensive.

The roads to the cape of Paximada have been built for several years and the area is intended for residential use. At the first big intersection you will see a small sign for Agia Paraskevi. It is a very beautiful beach that since 2010 has a small beach bar with sunbeds and umbrellas. When we went last year it was closed and we did not have to pay for their use.

At the intersection, it would be good not to continue straight but to the left and parallel to the sea. So you will see several more beaches while the road will lead you anyway to the beach of Agia Paraskevi while if you continue you will see other smaller or larger coves. Generally have an appetite for searching and you will definitely find the beach that suits you best.

Beaches in Karystos – Mpouros area

Η παραλία Κάβος στην περιοχή του Μπούρου στο κόλπο Καρύστου

The beaches to the area of ​​Bouros are located on the exact opposite side of the bay, to the east of Karystos. After reaching the coastal road of the city, turn left and continue after Kochili beach and the hotels that you will find nearby. After passing the village of Aetos at the small crossroads you will turn right to be by the sea again. From there you will find many small or large beaches.

The largest is probably that of Kavos which has two beach bars. It is probably the most popular beach in the area that especially on weekends is filled with people coming from Karystos.

If you continue you will find other beaches with the most beautiful one at the end of the road with the statue, the shallow green waters and the pines on the slope to its left. Contradiction of the concrete from an abandoned building that we hope in a few years to have been covered by the vegetation of the area. See the photos below to get a small taste of the seas of Karystos Bay only or the map below to get access information by pressing the directions button on each red indicator.

Accommodation in Karystos, south Evia island


Φωτογραφίες από τις παραλίες Καρύστου

Access to Karystos and south Evia island from Athens Attica

From Rafina by ferry to Marmari. You can reach Marmari, Evia, as we mentioned, either from the port of Rafina or from the small port of Agia Marina, which is located opposite Nea Styra. The cost of going from Rafina for a conventional car and its passenger is about 30 euros (60 €, ie about a go). From the airport you may use the public bus or a taxi, it will cost you around 40 euros and much cheaper by bus.

Boat tickets

Passenger: 8.4 euros
Car: 21 euros
Motorcycle <250cc: 4.5 euros || >250cc: 7.5 euros

Karystos map


Προηγούμενο ταξίδιDimosari gorge
Επόμενο ταξίδιΣτούπα Μεσσηνιακής Μάνης
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