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Tuesday, October 26, 2021


Aerial photos, flying over Greece

Aerial photos taken from my window during the flights to various European destinations.

Zireia mountain and Trikala village in Korinthos prefecture

Ziria (Killini) mountain and the village of Trikala is the most visited mountainous destinations in Korinthia prefecture due to natural beauty and organized touristic infrastructure.

Akrokorinthos and Ancient Corinth

Climb over the ancient castle of Acrocorinth , walk on Ancient Corinth Greek city site and the Archaic period Apollo temple and visit the archaeological Corinth museum to see the important findings of a city that played a major role in the development of Ancient Greece.

Doxa lake in Corithia

Doxa lake is an artificial lake in the prefecture of Corinthia in Peloponnese. It surrounded by the tall mountaintops of Helmos (Aroania) and Ziria (Killini) mountains.