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Donousa island, Cyclades

Donousa island belongs to the famous island group of Cyclades in the Aegean sea, Greece. It’s long distance from the major Cycladic attractions like Mykonos or Santorini have kept it rather isolated on the one hand but quiet and authentic on the other.

Take a boat to Donousa island

Pick your dates and check prices and availability for your boat trip to Donousa island from the main port of Piraeus to the picturesque tiny harbor fish village of Donousa. Disembark, leave your luggage on the ground and just dive into the crystal clear water of the Aegean sea.

Donousa island is located between the big islands of Naxos and Amorgos and it is reached usually with the ferry boat that embarks from Piraeus, stops in Paros, Naxos, Koufonisia island and then reaches the island of Donousa and its small port called Stavros.

Stavros village and Kedros beach in Donousa

Stavros is the largest village in Donousa and the best probably location to look for accommodation unless you prefer to go camping on the beaches of Kedros or Livadi (free and not organized camping on the beach, favorite nudity spots). Stavros village has an excellent beach with many tavernas and one cafe bar behind the beach. From Stavros you may find in walking distance the excellent beach of Kedros where a world war two german ship was sunk during the war. In Kedros beach you may also find a beach bar for food, water and toilets. Night parties are organized there depending on the season and the guests djs.

Παραλία Λιβάδι. Δονούσα, Μικρές Κυκλάδες
Livadi beach, Donousa

In Donousa, except of Stavros village you will find two small villages, one is called Mersini and the other Kalotaritissa. Both are reached with the public bus and Kalotaritisa with the small excursion boats that organize daily trips in July and August. Taking one of these boats is the best way to reach Livadi beach with crystal clear blue and green water and the famous cave of Fokospilia (seal cave).

Fokospilia (Seal cave)

At Fokospilia you will have the chance to see the unique colors created by the reflection of sunlight through the deep blue sea and how this displayed on the rocks and on the small cave found there.

Kalotaritissa beach

One interesting daily schedule is to take the small boat from Stavros, arrive and enjoy the sea at Livadi beach, visit the next beach called Fykio and then take the small ut rather steep footpath that will take you directly to Mersini village and its two restaurants/tavernas with the Cycladic traditional dishes. Enjoy the unique view to the Aegean and taste the smell of the sea, the air and the land of this small but so beautiful Cycladic island. You may return back to either kedros beach or Stavros village by taking the public bus.

Donousa footpaths and Kalotaritissa village

Kalotaritissa village is comprised of only a handful of houses but the beach and the sea there are fantastic as well as the cheap tavern which serves only fresh fish perfectly cooked. The tavern is easily found over the central and largest beach.

In Donousa you may also find an extensive and well preserved network of footpaths in order to explore the island on foot if you are well prepared to face the hot Greek sun or the strong Meltemia winds. Nothing is super easy in Donousa and this is one of its key advantages, isn’t it?

Accommodation in Donousa

You won’t find the variety of other more popular Cycladic islands but you will really enjoy the fact that most rooms come with a balcony from where you may enjoy a really nice view to the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea.


Photos from Donousa island in Cyclades, Greece

Donousa island map

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