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Limni Evias, North Evia

The beautiful seaside town of Limni is located on the west coast of northern Evia (Evoia or Euboea island) and is built over the northern usually leeward North Evia Gulf. Maybe this is the smoothed landscape and great views of the secluded bay that gave the name to this beautiful burgh.

If you visit Limni you will understand immediately that it has not only the name but also its grace as the small white tiled houses enjoy by almost all parts of the settlement a great view to the great blue waters and the nearby coast of mainland Greece while the borders of it are dominated by the lush landscape that characterizes most parts of northern Evia.
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Limni Evias is the capital of the municipality Elymnia and its most developed tourist area. Indeed, in recent years it has developed an important but tourism growth in order to maintain unchanged its picturesque and traditional character. You can walk through the narrow streets and see the neoclassical architecture of most homes with the vivid colors that are dyed. This will grab your attention but it is the coastal area of Limni Evias where most people gather either tourists or residents of the village. There, you’ll find plenty of ouzeri, restaurants, cafes and bars, all near the sea and with excellent views to the Evoikos gulf and the surrounding verdant hillsides. The coastal road bustles with life and choices for all ages and all tastes and is an ideal place to relax or have fun with your friends for as many hours or days you decide to stay at Limni.

Activities – things to see

Limni-Evias-Evoias-EuboeaIf you have time and feel like a beautiful trip from Limni Evias is to the Drimonas village and its waterfalls. They are located about 25 kilometers into the green heart of northern Evia. The waterfall creates during early summer a large natural lake in which those who are not “afraid” of the icy water, enjoy a unique dive! Moreover, as you are in Limni you can visit the famous and historic Byzantine Galataki nunnery founded in the 7th century AD. Located 10 km in wooded area with panoramic view. Moreover, you may visit Limni’s historic and folklore museum (telephone number on information section on the right)

Access to Limni Evias

Access to Limni is easy and can be done in two ways. Either from Evia island capital from Chalkis or Chalkida (Distance: 80 km) by road or from Aidipsos city ( distance: 32 km), using the boat from the opposite port of Arkitsa. The first route will pass from the central to northern Evia and some of the most beautiful places on road travel to the island next to riverside of Kireas and its small wooden bridges, while in the second route you will travel over the blue sea of North Evoikos gulf from the one side and the green mountain slopes covered mostly with pine trees, on the other.
The choice is yours.

Photos from Limni Evias

Limni Evias map and access directions

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