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Nafplio-Palamidi castle and Mpourtzi

Nafplio’s (or Nayplio) old town, Palamidi castle and the view to Mpourtzi island offer some of the most amazing and unique photo opportunities in Greece.

First capital of the Greek state from 1829 until 1834, Nafplion is one of the prettiest Greek cities and one of the most popular tourist destinations for the inhabitants of Attica and the Peloponnese. It is located 150 km southwest of Athens and it takes about 1.5 hour to reach it without traffic. (google translate text follows)

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Nafplio sunset and view to Mpourtzi island.

Nafplion History

Nafplio has a long history as the area has been inhabited for thousands of years.. Founder of the city considered the Nauplius, the father of the mythical hero Palamidi.Over the centuries, various invaders with leading the Franks and the Venetians, recognized the strategic location of the town and took care to fortify building castles as Palamidi Bourtzi. In the 18th century the town passed into the hands of the Ottomans and the release came in November 1822 when Staikos Staikopoulos and fighters liberated the city.  In 1828 she became the first capital of the Greek governor Kapodistrias while in 1834 when “lost” the reins from Athens, Nafplion seems to enjoy the best in the glorious and eventful past.

Today the old town of Nafplio ‘besieged’, however, by the crowds of tourists who enjoy strolling through the picturesque streets of the city among many well-preserved neoclassical buildings with flowering courtyards.

Palamidi castle.

If you arrive in the morning town ride to the imposing castle Palamidi which was designed in the form we see today by the Venetians in the late 17th century.  Access is by car or for the more adventurous of the 857 stairs that separate the beach. However, the first thing that strikes you is the tall walls and different levels of the multiple steps leading to them. But what makes Palamidi special and dear to those who visit the spectacular views it offers not only the old and new city of Nafplio and a large piece of Argolis, on the shores of Arcadia from the left and the snowy peaks if you go during winter or spring with pure air, Ziria the prefecture of Corinth and Menalon in Arcadia.

View to Nafplio old city and Mpourtzi from Palamidi castle.

Then, get in the old town and enjoy a stroll on the beach having street cafes and one of the magnificent views chiliofotografimeno Bourtzi on the other side.  If you fancy walking in Acronafplia go for an alternative view to the old town and Bourtzi and then click the round Arvanitia resulting in a beautiful little beach below the cliff and the walls of Palamidi.

Walking on Nafplio Old Town

When falls the light of day is the time to wander through the picturesque alleys and walkways of the old city.  There you will find many neat souvenir shops, several restaurants, a bar and coffee and buy a rosary from many Kombologadiko museum or worry beads present in the city. We should not forget of course to pass by the big, beautiful, historic Syntagma Square, it is certain that some way will lead you there. View from near the illuminated buildings of the Archaeological Museum, the MP-former mosque and the Trianon and if you get tired of the rides, relax in one of the many cafes in the square.
Click on map’s red symbols in order to get access directions to Nafplio city.

Nafplio and Tolo hotels and guesthouses

Nafplio city is a very popular weekend destination so you better book your rooms before you arrive there in order not only to get better prices but to actually find an available room. View available hotels and the best prices at booking.com (Nafplio).

In addition, a good alternative is the coastal city of Tolo which is located only 12 km from Nafplio city. In Tolo you will find long clean beaches and a lot of choices for your night amusement. Check available Tolo hotels at booking.com (Tolo coastal city).

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Nafplio map

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