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Nisiros island in the Dodecanese

Photos from Nisiros island

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The unique Green volcanic island located in the South Eastern part of the Aegean Sea in an extent of 41.6 sq. km, with a coastline extending on 25 kilometers and with Profitis Elias located at a height of 698 meters. The island stands out for its excellent Mediterranean climate with mild warm winters. During winter time temperature gets as far as to 13C, whereas during summer time to 25C, during fall time to 18C and spring time to 17C. There are strong winds in the area, especially during summer time, which are called “meltemia” (etesian winds). Snow is very rare.

Nisyros disposes of rare natural beauties and powerful landscape exchanges. Sheer beachside and green slopes are interrupted by coasts of remarkable beauty. The beach of Choclakoi, with the big black pebbles under black andesite rocks, offers an unusual experience especially during sunset. Near the Palloi village there are two impressive beaches, Aspri Ammos, an impressive beach with white fine-grained glass-like sand and the beach of Lies. Whereas farther away there is the beach of Pachia Ammos with its idyllic environment, ideal for nature lovers, is offered for isolation.

Mandraki, island’s capital, viewed from Paliokastro castle walls

Walk and forget all about everyday things in the narrow, labyrinth-like streets of the settlements, under shadowy passes among white-painted walls with the small windows looking towards the North. Abandon yourselves to the magical shapes and colors of the traditional architecture. Blue, brown, green colors on the doors, the windows and the peculiar wooden balconies.

Make a stop in the Ilikiomeni village, in the big square with the tall fucuses in Mandraki for a have nice conversation with the locals and the people passing by drinking “soumada”, the local juice- bitter almond brandy.

Nikia village

Visit small tavernas in the slip roads and taste the local cuisine, the “pitthiá” as they use to call the chick pea- balls and the “cheese of tyriá”, a local cheese baked in red wine. Or, some other time, you can visit the coastal tavernas in the Palloi village where you can find delicious fish and good- quality wine.

Slink to the Greek traditional rhythms of the Dodecanese. Have fun in one of the feasts, which last several days (the one of Panaghia Spiliani, Panaghia Kyra etc) and take place in the monasteries and the open squares of the villages where you can find abundant food, drinks, singing and dancing. Enjoy the vivid folkloric tradition of the island which brings you back to history and the roots of the human kind.

Just before descending to Stefanos crater, Polivotis volcano, Nisiros

You can enjoy the best view to the volcano from the old coffeeshop- the balcony- in the square of the Emporeios village. The square of the Nikeia village- the so-called Door- in an elliptic shape, has been given the award of one of the best squares in Europe. So, you can’t miss it.

The visit in one of the most beautiful volcanoes (especially the region of Ramos, Lofos and the Stefanos crater) offer unique and unforgettable experiences as well as swimming in the old settlement of Avlaki, where you can feel the warm springs spurting in the sea.

source: www.nisyros.gr / photos: Yiannis Tsouratzis

Many thanks to Nisiros municipality for its valuable information and also to Valantis Kaparakis from Expert Stores/ Expert Art Photography for his unique assistance with my photographic material!

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Mandraki, Nisyros’ capital photos


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