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Beaches at Anafi island

Anafi is located on the east side of the renowned island of Santorini. It belongs to Cyclades island complex in the Aegean sea and its main attractions are the only village of the island, Chora, and its plenty and wonderful beaches.

You may start exploring them straight away after reaching Anafi with the ferry boat. Its first beach is located on the right side of the port where you will find gold sand with shallow lightgreen water! From Anafi’s port you may walk on the footpath in order to reach one of the most famous and longest beaches, this of Klisidi.

Ferry boat from Piraeus to Anafi

Klisidi and Katsouni beaches

At Klisidi beach you will find a lot of free campers and at least two perfectly situated taverns (Greek restaurants) right over the beach with very nice view to the Aegean see. Additionally, if you dont prefer free camping you may find some small but nice rooms to let on the small Klisidi settlement.

Next beach is the double one called Katsouni. In order to reach katsouni, you will have to arrive and Klisidi either on foot, on public bus or private car/bike and then take the pathway that after about 5-10 minutes will take you over the beaches. From Katsouni you may walk or swim to reach Flamourou beach.

Παραλία Κλεισίδι, Ανάφη
Klisidi beach as you reach it following the footpath from the port. / Η Παραλία Κλεισίδι όπως φαίνεται ακολουθώντας το μονοπάτι από το λιμάνι.

Please bear in mind that if you find your self at Klisidi beach you may also swim to Katsouni. Its about 10 minute swim but you will need to carry at least a small bottle of water if you plan to stay at Katsouni beach. It is not organized and there is nothing to find in close walking distance unless you want to walk back to Klisidi.

Rooms to let / Accommodation at Anafi

You will find most rooms to let on the capital of the island called Chora. Moreover, some rooms are available over Klisidi beach too. Please bear in mind that although Anafi is by no comparison as popular as its neighbour Santorini island, the availability of rooms to let may be limited during high season and especially in August.

use search form below to check room availability for your accommodation at reasonable prices

Roukounas beach (Ρούκουνας)

Next beach is the one called Roukounas. This is probably the most famous one and its definitely the longest. Its divided in half, on the right side as you arrive on the beach you will find the nudist and free camper part and on the left the mostly one daily visitors. Pick your side and dive into the majestic sea of Anafi island.

Aghii Anargiri and Monastiri (Αγιοι Ανάργυροι – Μοναστήρι)

Following the road towards the Monastery on the far east side of the island, you will find additional beaches. Probably the most picturesque is the one called Agii Anargyroi (Αγιοι Ανάργυροι in Greek) which took its name from the small chapel built right over the beach.

Παραλία Ρούκουνας στην Ανάφη
ready to dive at Roukounas beach, with a view to Kalamos rock / Στη παραλία του Ρούκουνα με θέα τον μονόλιθο Κάλαμος

As you stand over it the view to the sandy beach, the chapel and the impressive monolith of Kalamos is really outstanding! From Agii Anargyroi you may follow a faint footpath on your right in order to discover a couple or relly nice beaches, among them the one called Megas Potamos.

The last beach before the end of the road is called Monastiri. From there you may visit the monatery of Zoodohos Pigi or if you live walking you can try reaching the top of Kalamos at 400+ meters.

Please ask for pathway condition and how much time you will need to reach this in order to get prepared accordingly. Some people prefere to stay on the top of this huge rock in order to view the Greek sun rising from the Aegean sea.

On the top there is also a church and many prefer to sleep on its small yard. Please ask the locals in order to provide you more info depending on the time of your visit. (Some days during the summer the church is open to the public and there can also be a panigiri where people gather and celebrate.)

Photos from Anafi beaches

Anafi beaches’ location map

Find your room at Anafi island


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