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Steni village in central Evia

Steni village in central Evia (Euboea) island is a mountainous settlement on the slopes of Dirfi mountain and a favorite travel destination from Athens and Chalkida cities. It is gifted with with rich nature, running water all year round and easy access from Chalkis (Chalkida), Steni is the ideal solution for those wanting a quick getaway full of excitement.

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Directions to Steni village in central Evia

  • Distance Athens-Steni: 108 km
  • Distance Chalkida-Steni: 32 km

Starting from Chalkis and follow the signs to the north of Evia (or just download Google Earth file from the bottom of this page). In New Artaki will see a sign to Steni and turn right to follow the path that leads to the heart of central Evia. After a few kilometers, the landscape is becoming mountainous and the discovery of two mountains of Dirfis and Xirovouni, will “open the appetite for what followed.

Dirfi mountain on our way to Steni village
Dirfi mountain on our way to Steni village

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Steni Evias village

Arriving in the village, the smell of the forest and the sound of running water easily winning first impression and the view of the amphitheater built houses invite the visitor for the first exploratory walks through the steep and well-maintained trails.

Steni is situated at an altitude of 400 meters on the outskirts of the tallest mountain in Euboea, Dirfis (1.743m). The houses are built Joined slopes of the mountain while the left and opposite them, stands guard rock band, currently causing a number of adventurous climbers providing a relatively new climbing.

The central part of the village is a paved square where you can get along the pedestrian walkway behind the main pavilion area. From there to the square, we expect some youth cafes and of course some of the famous meat taverns. Good food is also another reason why many prefer to Steni gourmets and the release of several barbecues over the creek and under the shadow of the plane, certainly opens the appetite!

Steni Evias village in mountainous central Evia island.

Activities – Must see

During your stay in Steni village you should not miss a stroll down to the most famous source of the village, the “fountain of doctor, which is half a kilometer from the square and is” surrounded “by trees and streams that run from everywhere. Finally, the ascent by car to the highest point of the road before it starts to go down to the beach in Chiliadou will allow you to admire the great forest of Dirfis, which dominated early and pine trees, leaving of their position as the altitude rises, chestnut, fir and oak.

Search for Steni and Chalkida Hotels

View hotel rooms in Steni village and the surrounding area. In addition, Chalkida may be an good alternative for your visit to Steni Evias village since it is located only 30 kms from it and offers all the things you may want to find during your visit in central Evia island. So, check the best prices for hotels and guesthouses in Chalkida and book at the lowest price now.

Do not miss

• Weather permitting, visit the mountain resort of Dirfis, at 1100 meters, to enjoy the view towards the top of the mountain, the majestic, cone-shaped, Delphi.

• On weekends, instead of “tap the doctor” is usually a bargain with traditional products such as tea, chestnuts and honey (July is a celebration of honey!).

• If you go in summer, it can take a dip in the Aegean and in recent years several popular beach Chiliadou from the back of Dirfis.

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Steni village photos

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