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Wind surf and Kite surf in Greece and South Evia island

The strong north winds, the strong currents and the narrow passage between the beach Megali Ammos and the island of Mikros Petalios (photos in the article with the beaches in South Evia) make South Evia and specifically the point two kilometers after Marmari, a favorite destination for windsurfing friends in Greece and abroad.

Access to Marmari and Megali Ammos beach

Megali Ammos beach in Marmari is located about 3 km to the right as you get off the boat at the port of Marmari. The road is easy and only in the last meters it becomes a very passable dirt road.
In addition, after the huge publicity that this beach received due to the EOT commercial for 2020, a wooden staircase was built that facilitates access from the road to the beach, while it has been announced that the dirt road will be asphalted.
To reach Marmari will take only one hour by boat from the port of Rafina on the east coast of Attica.
Easy access along with the advantages we mentioned at the beginning are some of the reasons that especially on weekends in the summer months you will find a large number of wind or kite surfers either from Greece or even from abroad. If you see many caravans parked just above the beach then maybe foreign surfers outnumber those who have come from Athens or other parts of Greece.
See the itineraries for Marmari from the port of Rafina, in our article about Marmari or read them a little below (ships from Rafina to Marmari)
Παραλία Μεγάλη Άμμος, Μαρμάρι, Νότια Εύβοια

The winds in South Evia

The winds that attract the attention of surfers are mainly the north winds that blow very strong in the southern Gulf of Evia most of the summer. In August we usually have the traditional meltemia where it blows all day from 4 to 7 Beaufort, while from the afternoon and especially at night the intensity of the winds is reduced to almost zero, while July is usually a calmer month with periods that do not blow at all. .
However, this is not something that you should take for granted as in recent years there have been phenomena of particularly strong north winds (from 7 to 9 Beaufort) during most of July and throughout the 24 hour period, while August to be a much quieter and warmer month.
That’s why it’s good to be well informed about short-term weather forecasts and wind strength.

Access to South Evia

From Rafina by ferry to Marmari. You can reach Marmari, Evia, as we mentioned, either from the port of Rafina or from the small port of Agia Marina, which is located opposite Nea Styra. The cost of going from Rafina for a conventional car and its passenger is about 30 euros (60 € that is about a go).

Accommodation in South Evia and Marmari

You may find hotels and rooms to let at Marmari small village as well as in the small nearby city of Karystos with its amazing beaches.


Itineraries Rafina Marmari

Tel. Code Marble Karystos: +30 22240
Marmari Port Station: 31222
AGIAS MARINA AGENCY: 22940-64400 // 22940-63888
NEW STYRES AGENCY: 22240-41166 // 22240-41079
Karytos KTEL: 26303

Map of South Evia

Προηγούμενο ταξίδιVoidokilia beach at Messinia prefecture
Επόμενο ταξίδιFinikouda coastal village
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